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Lamar's Impressive NFL Resume'

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Almost every week Lamar is setting some new record. Here's some of them...........Lamar Jackson - Wikipedia


External video
video icon Jackson's 2019 MVP acceptance speech, Ravens video

NFL records

  • First quarterback with multiple 1,000-yard rushing seasons (2019, 2020)[164]
  • First player to finish with 400 yards passing, four touchdown passes, no interceptions and 50 yards rushing in a game (Week 5, 2021 vs Indianapolis Colts)[165]
  • Most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season: 1,206 (2019)[82][166]
  • Most rushing attempts by a quarterback in a season: 159 (2019)[167]
  • Most regular season 100+ rushing yards games by a quarterback: 5 (2019)[168]
  • Most career 75+ rushing yard games by a quarterback: 22[169]
  • Most career 100+ rushing yards games by a quarterback: 10 (tied with Michael Vick)[170]
  • Most perfect passer ratings in a season (tied with Ben Roethlisberger😞 2 (2019)[171]
  • Most wins by a quarterback under the age of 25 (35)[172]
  • Most consecutive wins by a QB vs. NFC to begin a career: 12 (tied with Ken Stabler)[169]
  • Most games with at least 250 passing yards and 100 rushing yards: 3 (tied with Cam Newton)[169]
  • Most games with 200+ passing yards and 75+ rushing yards: 9 (tied with Russell Wilson)[169]
  • Youngest quarterback to ever start a playoff game: 21 years, 364 days (2018 Wild Card Round against the Los Angeles Chargers)[173]
  • Youngest quarterback to achieve a perfect passer rating: 22 years, 244 days (Week 1, 2019)[174]
  • Youngest quarterback to start a Pro Bowl game.[94]
  • Highest completion percentage (86%) in a 400 yard passing game (Week 5, 2021 vs Indianapolis Colts)[175]
  • Highest completion percentage (86%) when attempting more than 40 passes (Week 5, 2021)
  • Highest touchdown passing percentage (7.4%) in the Super Bowl Era (minimum 500 attempts)[176]
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"If you watch that football team, there is no more MVP-ish type performer than Lamar Jackson is right now," ESPN's Ryan Clark added. "They only win if he plays excellent. Not like a little good, not average, not good enough. He has to play excellent for them to win football games, and they win football games they're not supposed to because of him. That's what an MVP is."Lamar Jackson Heads Home to South Florida a Different Quarterback (baltimoreravens.com)

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