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Preston is Right...Again

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It's become my opinion that the Ravens have to be more active and bolder in free agency and the same with trading draft picks for good players. I'm not advocating giving the draft process the heave-ho but there are probably some good players out there who we could  bag for a third for fourth round pick. And in free agency, I think we have taken the 'right player, right price' philosophy too far. Sometimes you've got to pony  up the money if you want play-makers.

Enough from me. Here's what Mikey says: https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/analysis/preston/bs-sp-preston-decosta-impact-players-20220208-xniklm66nbfrvg5fevqgzykwqa-story.html.


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Completely disagree, he is just reacting to the Rams and the fact that for ONCE, buying a championship MIGHT work out.

The Rams are going to be in major trouble over the next few years, so much so that consecutive losing seasons in a real likelihood.

That is not what I want to see from my team.

Build the team the way it should be built; solid draft picks, do the homework, they just might get Hall of Fame players from there as they once did.

With good cap management, you can keep them and augment the team with the Right free agents. This way has proven to produce playoff teams, Super Bowl winning teams.

With the new president who is supposed to be a wiz with contracts & cap, maybe they can get ahead of cap issues.

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Whoa...like I said, don't ditch the draft at all but sometimes you can trade a mid-round pick or two and get an Anquan Boldin for example. It'd be nice to do that and pick up a RT so we can concentrate on LT and C this draft. Villaneuava has to go and Stanley might not make it back. This way gives us a path to improve a position or two outside waiting for talent to mature and then losing them to free agency.

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