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Is LeRon, LeGone?

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I don't want to lose McLain but...


I can't see the Ravens guaranteeing him, or anybody, carries.


“I have no problem getting in there blocking and getting dirty because I love contact,” said McClain, who will host a football camp at Goucher College on July 18 and 19. “I just want to take my game to another level. No disrespect to anybody, not [offensive coordinator] Cam [Cameron], not John Harbaugh, not Ray Rice or Willis [McGahee]. I just don't want to disrespect my game anymore, like I feel like I've done these last two years."


"If that opportunity comes, I feel like I can step into that second running back role and still be that fullback," McClain said.

...McClain added, “I had my game put in a box for the past two years because I couldn’t show too much. I want to get my chance. Hopefully it’s with the Ravens. If not, I’m prepared for the transformation.”



I don't want to lose Willis either but somethings have to give.


And...the Ravens really need a powerfull battering ram and that is McLain.



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I really wasn't impressed with what McClain did last year as a ball carrier. I think people also forget that McClain really wore down and lost a step the second half of the season during his first year as a "feature" back with us. Given spot carries, he really hasn't shown much. We had soooooo much trouble last year in 3rd and 4th and short and McClain did not get us those 1st downs. Line play wasn't all that great....but I can remember a ton of times where the line held and McClain simply ran into the line and was stuffed. He did not move the pile. As a fullback, the guy lights it up, he's exceptional...as a RB, it's just not there. There was a flash...but like a lot of RBs in this league the flash went out quickly.

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Also, I'd love to resign Willis, because he's been great as a number two back, but there's been some articles that say he wants to get more carries and maybe even be a feature back. Good luck to him, cuz if he would relish his role here, he would play alot longer.


I think Chester Taylor is available....it would be interesting to bring him back here with a different coordinator. Rice and Taylor might make a good combo. Both can catch out of the backfield so the defense would never be able to say...it's a run, or don't cover the rb. (Like they do with Willis)

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