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Out of Town Ravens Fans

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Maybe i'm late with this but I just discovered this App called "Tune-in Radio". It let's you listen to hundreds of stations across the country on your phone. So now, with a nifty adapter for my car, I can listen to the Scott Garceau show instead of mind numbing Steelers talk on the way home from work to get my football fix.



I know we have some displaced Ravens fans on here - give it a try!

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Thanks OTR, I will soon be an "out of towner" when the time comes Ill be hitting you up for some tips..You know how us old timers are with new technology :)


We listen to this jammin radio station in Orlando via the net 105.9 Sunny in Orlando, but it only streams for about an hour, then I have to stop what Im doing and run upstairs to hit refresh.

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Hey OTR is there an adapter so I can hook the phone to speakers, like we do with the Ipod?


Yea you can buy a mp3/aux cord at places like target or radio shack that would connect your phone via the headphone jack to a speaker device so long as it has a mp3/aux jack.



They also have adapters for cassette tape players. This is what I use since my car stereo does not have an Aux input

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