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30 for 30 on the 2000 team


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I still have a football from the Denver playoff game Femi tossed to me. Funny story;

A friend had an extra ticket, his wife couldn't make so he, I and his 8 year old son went. At half time, I head up to get a hot cocoa, Femi, who had broken his foot earlier in the season, was in line in front of me. We started up a conversation about the game, how well it was going. Then I said with a smirk, half joking; hey, if you get a chance toss me a ball, I'm sitting right behind the bench. He laughed, played along and said sure.

Late in the 4th with game out of hand,  Femi came within ear shot. I yelled to him, there was a ball under the bench right behind him. He picks it up and tosses it to me... 😀

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