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San Diego Loves the Ravens............


Where the rest of the NFL zigs, the Baltimore Ravens zag.

Capable of beating anyone and seizing a third Super Bowl trophy, yet swimming against industry currents, the tight end-loving, fullback-employing Ravens go into the 2022 season as the NFL’s most interesting team.

The Ravens do it their way, and they do it well.  Column: The NFL's most interesting team isn't trendy, but it is dangerous (msn.com)


And the AP has an evaluation....


Expectations: The Ravens were among the group of teams that could reasonably shoot for a Super Bowl appearance before last season, and if you view 2021 as an injury-fueled aberration, those kinds of hopes are still plausible. Certainly anything less than a playoff spot would be a disappointment..... Ravens hope to return to playoffs after injury-filled 2021 (msn.com)

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With the emergence of Likely, I think that poses plenty of issues for defenses. He runs better than Boyle, so doubling Beastdrews will almost be impossible. Sure, Likely had emerged via linecooks defending him in mostly zone. But he showed great hands, quick feet and the agility to make men miss, break tackles.

If they double both or just play match up zone, now the wideouts will be able, in theory, to exploit the coverages.

If Lamar can be on time, have time, or see the right reads, this can be a time consuming offense scoring touchdowns instead of field goals.

This will force teams to throw into a secondary that is, on paper, very very dangerous.

If they stay healthy, this could be a special year...

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:thumbup: on everything you said tsyl. 

I think we have the personnel to destroy the loaded box. I think these guys can come from behind. 

I liked the title of this article because the Ravens are different, and they are very interesting and fun to watch. 


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