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He only talks about Smith running all over the place. When he starts telling us that Smith is catching anything near him like Doss, then I'll be happy as shit.


What Ed said bothered me too.


Jimmy Smith better get on the field soon.


The news on Kindle gets better and better. For McCrary to say that is a real compliment.


As for Tyrod Taylor....this is where not being at camp hurts us fans. Probably if I saw what Preston sees then I'd be in a panic.

I watched Troy Smith at camp and knew he'd never make it....but fans who didn't see that called the talk shows begging for the Ravens to start him. He was inaccurate...bottom line. One great throw followed by 5-6 flubs. Great guy...great college QB/athlete but that doesn't translate to the Pros.


Tebow won't translate either. This is not college.


How's Flacco look Mike?

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We're gonna pay for not signing this guy...


Kreutz has reached agreement on a one-year deal for between $2 million and $3 million with the New Orleans Saints, a source told ESPN.com's John Clayton. Incentives could kick the deal up to $4 million.

The 34-year-old Kreutz is considered one of the best offensive line leaders in his era. He is a six-time Pro Bowler and a four-time All-Pro. Kreutz was the Bears' third-round pick in 1998. During his Bears career, he played in 191 games and started 182.

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-Clatyon retweeted something from a New Orleans Football guy that said that Kreutz had a better offer from us but went to NO because he knew he could start there.


-Taylor can play. Get him the reps all summer and then worry about the veteran backup later.

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