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Bright Spots

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I wrote about Reed and Taylor and there are other bright spots to emerge from Friday nights game.


Jimmy Smith and Cary Williams had some shinning moments and some "Welcome to the NFL moments".

Williams knocked down 3 passes with his long arms and then he was schooled by Copper for the TD. Smith in his first start, while taken to class by Bowe, was with him every step of the way.

"I thought that I had good coverage on all the plays, but I've got to figure out a way to get that ball out," Smith said. "It's not like college because it's the pros, but I felt comfortable. I tried the slow the game down, but I still have the rookie jitters because it's the first game for me really getting out there.


"I went against a Pro Bowler and I felt like I had blanket coverage. He just made great catches. Just to get my feet wet gave me confidence, more confidence to see what you really expect out of a Pro Bowl receiver like that."


While this tandum may not be the starting CB's opening day it's beginning to look like their size, speed and physicallity will definately be used in certain mathup and coverage packages. Running to the outside just got harder for Ravens opponents.

I'm starting to feel very comfortable with the Ravens secondary for 2011.



A Void is Filled

Great news for Ravens fans. We can now chant "Leeeeeeee!" :yeah:

Some of the void from Todd Heaps departure has been filled.

Evens was 3 for 3 for 68 yards and a 22.7 ypc. He ran over the middle, caught an out route and then the 43 yarder. Flacco had his timming down with Lee. I still think this is why Joe over threw Bouldin on the deep balls. One guy is slower than the other and Joe has to get that into his brain...

The great news is the Ravens have a #2 WR!. Teams cannot double Bouldin and shut down 2 rookies who are in their 1st year development stage.


Vonta Leach

A lot happened on 1 play.

Leach made a statement when he wiped out that linebacker. Everybody woke up except the victim. The crowd went wild, the offense caught that energy, and blocked very well to let Rice run for a 27 yard TD on the next play.


Gang....Smashmouth football is back in the Ravens offense! :gorave:


Behind that play is the mind of Cam Cammeron. It's the 2nd preseason game. He's experimenting. He wants a pass catching fullback threat in his offense. He loves the idea of Leach in the open field with the ball. He knows Leach caught 25 balls in 2007....20 in 2009. Can he do that here?


Jah Reid

He didn't give up a sack. He improved from last week. That's all you can ask for from a rookie who has been thrown into the fire.

He's becomming this years 'Iron Man'. Minutes after he signed his rookie contract he was on the practice field and took every snap at RT during a 3 hour, hot, mid afternoon August day. He played every snap Friday night. “I had a little more confidence in what I was doing,” the third-round draft pick said. “I felt like I knew a little more about what was going on out there. I was able to match the opponent’s speed. So I’m pretty excited, but I know I have a long way to go.”



A few words of encouragement from Kelly Gregg..“It was like practice going against him. He is doing great. He has a bright future.”


The run game was there.

24 carries for the team for 114 yards and 4.8 ypc. Anthony Allen looked smooth for the few runs he had. Ricky Williams had 4 runs for 14 yards but it was his downfield, between the tackle runs that showed the Ravens might have their answer for 3rd and short. Nice TD run for Parmele.



At worst he'll be a valuable back up. At best he can be a difference maker with his nasty intensity. The guy is so close to mauling a QB or RB. He's eating up O linemen...the Ravens have a good find here.

"The guy has what we call Raven traits," Pagano said. "He plays like a Raven. I mean, he's relentless. He's a violent, violent football player. So, this guy is a great kid. He doesn't say anything; he just comes in here every day and he's like a sponge.


"He's soaking everything up, and then he comes out to practice and he's just going at a thousand miles per hour. He's nonstop, and he's getting better every day. I think his production in the game is just a byproduct of what he's doing during the week."




I think they have their #2 safety. Sure tackler...punishing one at that. Add him to the physicallity of Smith and Williams and the D is getting 'more' smashmouth too.


Kindle and Paul 'Freddie' Kruger.

Kruger is really comming on. Look out Jarrett Johnson (who had a real solid outing].

I think the light bulb will go on for Kindle...he's starting to get it. He almost blocked 2 punts...would have blocked them if his technique was better. It showed his explosive burst. It will be interesting to see how Pagano finds a use for their talents.

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