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Top 5 ravens qbs of all time


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In summary, I agree with the majority of your choices. I could quibble here and there but the only ones that really I'd argue with is that I would have Mark Andrews in the #2 spot, and I wouldn't have Ohrer anywhere close to 2nd for OT's. As I said I agree with most of the rest. All in all I think you came up with a pretty good ranking.

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Copl.  I was looking for debate on each thread but whatever.  i chose Ohrer that high just bc of injury issues with Stanley.  Andrews hard charging up the list.  Heap had been here longer with a much more pathetic QB.  I also put a lot of importance in what Sharpe and Pitta did to help win rings.  I dont think 2000 or 2012 wins rings without them on the team.

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For me, & I love Trent, but Vinnie was the best, thus far. His only fault was not having a defense that could stop a tissue blowing on the ground. Not his fault.

Joe, you know how I feel, the team let him down with a terrible line, he has to be #2, that playoff run to win the Super Bowl! Like  Vinnie, had the team done them better, they each would be Hall of Fame worthy...

Lamar is clearly a better qb than Trent, but so far, Trent was a better leader, so he gets the nod. Time will tell though.

Steve, it was a disappointment, but who could know the true life he was leading. Had his head and heart been here, man, who knows what could have been.

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