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True. It's this simple.

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To stop Groundhog Day...to stop the same result from happening again and again against the Steelers....


" They made plays. In the last two games against them, we didn't finish.".... We've heard all the justifications during the past three or four years. Mike Tomlin is a better coach than John Harbaugh. Joe Flacco was a rookie. The Ravens receivers can't get separation. Cam Cameron can't coach. The Ravens need to get a home playoff game.


How about this: Somebody make a play.



Can somebody other than Suggs make a play?


It's that obviously simple but very hard for the Ravens to do.


We see them make tons of plays against other teams but against the Steelers the Ravens playmakers clam up....especially in crunch time.


Ed..."When Rthlsslxxbrrgrrr goes to beat Smith and Williams over the top....which he will...BE THERE!"


"Don't be a Spectator!"



Joe: "$%@&%$*!!@!!#().......It's Friggn'n Obvious!"

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I thought Preston was a hated liar.



It's very simple.

When Mike writes stuff that I like and agree with, then he's "Right On!"...almost a genius.

If I don't like it, then he's a moron and liar with an agenda.


This is a perfectly acceptable poster practice according the 'Rights and Rules for Proper Poster Etiquette on NFL Message Boards'. :bleh:

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