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Game 2 Bengals


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The fact we all keep forgetting, Burrow has had some of his worst passer rating games against the Ravens. Yes I know, he has also carved them up pretty well.

It is early in the season, his line has not gelled yet, the Ravens rushers, are well rested and hungry. If they attack the Bengal line as they did the Texans, this could be a tight game.

Missing one offensive lineman can be covered up, but two? The line last week was not very good. Sure there were spurts where they opened holes, gave Lamar time, but nothing consistent.

As I said, it is early, the line needs time to gell, especially now that two are out.

This game could be a shoot out, a blow out for either team, or a field goal game... 🤔

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I don't know what to expect either. The line play was better in the second half last week after Stanley and Linderbaum were out. Interesting.

The whole team needs time to gel especially with a new offense and with the banged up secondary. If they can keep the Bengals' receivers (a big if) in check, I see a close game.

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