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Short week, even for football teams, Pittsburgh comes to town on Saturday

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Yes it is Steeler week, but this isn't any normal Steeler vs Ravens game on late Saturday afternoon. No, the Ravens have nothing to lose, except players to injury. While a loss for Pitt would likely eliminate them from playoff contention.

These are not the same Steelers the Raven faced in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. Once again they changed quarterbacks, turning to journeymen backup Mason Rudolph. Since installing him to lead their putrid offense, the Steelers have scored 30+ pts, averaging 400 total yards in each of their past 2 wins. Rudolph, not Blitzen, has thrown for more than 250 yards in those games as well.

Their defense, while still able to bite with their pass rush, has fallen and one wonders if they can get up. They currently sit 22nd in the league in total defense, allowing 349 total yards per game, 233 through the air, 115 on the ground, 19 points per game.


While the Ravens are one of the top offenses, 4th, 1st in rushing, with the only risk being that of injury, one has to wonder who, and how many players will sit out.

Yes, it would be, from a fans stand point, fun to not only pummel the Stoolers, but also knock them out of the playoffs, this team is rolling, tip 5 in offense, defense and special teams. They not only have the best record in the league, but have the best points differential, especially against  teams with winning records.

Why risk a real shot at the Super Bowl, for nothing more than pride? Surely this team, with its depth, can squeeze past the Stillers.

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That's what I've been thinking too, Tsyl. Our #2's, at least on offense, can be a match for the Steelers defense. I've got more confidence in Huntley than I used to, and I think we can use Gordon at RB and reserves at WR and TE and even O-line...not exclusively but certainly let these guys play most of the time and rest all the injured players like Hamilton, Stephens, Stanley, Flowers and others. If we lose, we lose but heal up for the playoffs run. If we win, great, but it's really not worth risking serious injuries to hurting starters.

It's a delicate balancing act for Harbs , MacDonald, and Monken for sure.


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I am curious to Huntley in Todd's system. Huntley is nothing if not accurate on short to intermediate throws. If given time, with these new route combinations, Huntley might thrive, at least enough to move the ball, score some points.

The only 2 questions are; can avoid the turnovers that cost games

& 2, can the back up defenders play well enough to keep this game close?

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I also think Huntley will do well. The backups on D are my biggest concern. The Steelers have a potent rushing duo and Rudolph the Red Nose Steeler has shown that their offense can put up points. Of course, how he does against the barrage of coverages and blitzes that MacDonald throws at him remains to be seen.

Dee, I think we lose a close one but not to worry as what we need to accomplish is the avoidance of injuries in what is a meaningless game for us.

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20 minutes ago, oldno82 said:

Dee, I think we lose a close one but not to worry as what we need to accomplish is the avoidance of injuries in what is a meaningless game for us.

Which is still a win! :D

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First team line is in,

Huntley keeps it for 2

Gus is in

Pass to short middle to Kolar, complete for 5

3rd down

Hill in

Lobs it to Hill on a wheel route, who is well covered, incomplete

Punt gets a good bounce, 64 yards, returned to the 29

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Up the middle for 6

Nothing worse than a cold, cold rain

Up the middle again for 2

3rd down

9 mins left in the 1st

Up the middle, gain of 3

Pierce, who just got an extension through the 25 season made the stop

Swing pass to Warren who rumbles for 20

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End around for 8

Need a stop, fumble, sack, pick

Naked boot, dumps it down to Hayword for 3, 1st down

Run off the left guard for 5

Short pass in the flat for 5

Under 5 mins left in 1st

Run up the middle for 9

They look like they are playing to not get hurt

Clean the camera lens

Pitch to Harris gets 6, 1st and goal


Harris off the right for 4

Hey Louis, Warren is averaging 9 yards per carry this game because he had 1 carry for 9

Harris up the middle for a touchdown


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Gordon around the right end for 3

Pass over the middle to Kolar, dropped, 3rd and 7, under 2 mins left in the 1st

Blitz is picked up, Huntley can't find anyone, back tracks, tries to hit Hill in the flat, not enough arm

Punt returned to their 40


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