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Home Field Disadvantage


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It sucks...you fork out about 2 grand a year to have 8 miserable Sunday experiences.

Do the same the next year.

and the next...


Only once since 1999 have the Browns won more games at home than they've lost. That was in 2007, when they went a dominant 7-1, only to return the next season and go 1-7.


The Browns are 34-63 at home since they returned as an expansion team. That includes their Ambien-induced loss to Cincinnati in the season opener.


Some of that goes with the territory. Young teams, bad teams, young bad teams don't win anywhere -- including their own backyard.


Other division teams, though, have protected their turf much better, even during losing seasons. The Bengals, who've tried to match the Browns in misery, are 46-49-1 at home during the same time.


Look at Baltimore. The Ravens only won six games in 2005. But they were 6-2 at home.


Bad enough the original Browns ran away and eloped to Baltimore. But since the Browns' "rebirth," Ravens fans have celebrated a Super Bowl and have never seen their team lose at home more than it has won in any season.




"Who farted?!"


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History does tie your two teams together.


Yeah, but I have yet to read a Browns article doesn't mention the Ravens, the move, or the Ravens super bowl win. lol. History more closely ties Baltimore and Indy. Cleveland has their identity. Get on with it. It sucked before the move and it still sucks.

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