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I knew Ryan couldnt keep his foot out of his mouth


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Count Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan among those who were “shocked” when he saw Ravens rookie wide receiver Torrey Smith haul in three touchdown passes in the first quarter in St. Louis.


But Ryan doesn’t think he’ll be seeing a repeat this week.


“He’s a fast guy and all that kind of stuff, but I don’t think he’ll have equal success this week,” Ryan said. “If he does, then I’ll just stay in Baltimore.”


Smith had five catches for 152 yards, and as Ryan pointed out, he could have had five touchdowns had a couple more deep balls connected.


But one performance isn’t going to change how the Jets defense lines up against the Ravens, Ryan said.


It will be up to Smith to turn one breakout party into a string of consistent performances – and this time he’ll be going up against a better group of cornerbacks than what he saw in St. Louis.


“If we just based everything on that performance then we’d have our cornerbacks about 20 yards deep,” Ryan said. “We’ve played against speed receivers in the past and we’ll have an idea on how to play him.”


“If we want to shut him down, we can always just put [Darrelle] Revis on him.”









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I think he's pretty much speaking the truth there. That's an honest assessment, I would have had the same evaluation I believe.


If Torrey Smith has even half the production he had against the Rams, I'd count it as a successful outing. The Jets are much tougher.

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