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Say it ain't so, Zay


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Ravens rookie wide receiver Zay Flowers is being investigated in connection to an alleged domestic assault, with law enforcement agencies in Maryland and Massachusetts involved.

The alleged assault occurred in the Owings Mills, Md. area on Jan. 21, the Baltimore Banner reported on Thursday, and the investigation includes Baltimore County Police and a police department in Acton, Mass.   Both agencies acknowledged to the Banner that they were made aware of the alleged assault, but declined to provide further information

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This gf looks like a drama seeker.  There is a video of her beating the shit out of someone at a BC game.  Doesn't take away from the fact he may have hit her.

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Well, a person is allowed by law to defend then selves, my brother had an abusive wife. He 6'-2", 250 pounds, she, 5'-3", 100 punts soaking wet. She would hit hom, throw things at him, he would try to leave and she would jump on his back.

Yes, she even did these things in front of my wife & I, then call police and file a protective order against him once he was arrested.

But self defense can be to walk away,not always easy I know.

The fact that this supposedly happened the night before the game, ouch...

I hope it is not true, but if it is, he won't be playing for a while...

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Yep...I really liked him too. He always seemed to be so happy to be playing. Well, at least until he lost the ball at the goal line. I'm hoping there is nothing to this, but past experience with other players makes me wary.

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Some more info


Just after 7:00 a.m. on January 16, Baltimore County dispatchers sent two officers to Flowers’s neighborhood for a welfare check after receiving an abruptly disconnected inbound call from an unknown woman.

Female answered and was crying, said she didn’t have an emergency, but she seemed in distress when she hung up the phone,” a Baltimore County police dispatcher said.

I know, not much, but they, Baltimore County and MA police are being very tight lipped which has upset many politicians here in Maryland 🙄

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Starting to sound, well, weird. I mean this happened on January 17 and they're still investigating? You'd think they'd have an answer by now.

I'd like to see our local politicians just stay out of it.

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A woman showed up to the Acton Police Department in Massachusetts last month to report a “violent domestic incident” involving an NFL player in Owings Mills. She told police that the player’s brother drew a gun, according to police records released Tuesday. She declined to identify the NFL player or seek further action from law enforcement, officers wrote.


Here is the problem, she told the story, but would not tell one police department the who.

Then followed up with this

She told officers “it was a really bad ten minutes but [she] hasn’t been scared since,” according to police records. She also told them “he has too much to lose and that he is too smart to do something like that.”

Like what? What she said he did? Or repeat what he did?

What did she tell Baltimore County? Ya know, where this reportedly happened?

The records show the woman declined to file a police report and officers connected her to Flowers only by social media

Officers contacted an attorney for the suspect, but the attorney told them his client would not be available for an interview. Police wrote that they also called a Ravens vice president of security, but that he was out of town and would call them when he returns

So we can see how the police had no choice but to drop the investigation. Which, does not mean that nothing happened nor that Flowers is innocent.


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The woman told Acton Police that she had photographs of her bruises, but she did not share them, officers wrote. Her father confirmed the bruises. She did not seek medical treatment.  An Acton Police officer can be heard on body-camera footage saying there were injuries, according to the report.

But we don't know how she got those injuries nor the extent of the injuries.

And what is with the call from the neighbor's house? Did they report hearing a fight?

Why did the Baltimore County officers sit outside for 2 hours without knocking on the door?

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I would think it is very difficult to proceed with any charges when the victim really doesn't press the case. In domestic abuse cases it does happen all too often that the victim doesn't press charges and the cycle of abuse>call for help>decision not to press charges>abuse and the cycle starts all over again. If Jay really wants to do the right thing here he should just leave this woman alone and not have anything more to do with her.

And maybe he's learned a lesson and this won't ever happen again. But those outcomes are rare.

If he did this he needs help quickly...and needs to keep his gun happy brother out of it.

I don't think we've heard the end of this by any means. Both the Ravens and the NFL may move ahead with disciplinary action which they can do even if no crime has been proven.

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