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Up, Down, or Stand Pat?


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The draft is just 2 weeks away and I was wondering what you all thought about whether the Ravens should try and trade up, trade down, or just stay where they are. Should they go up to get a higher probability of success player or down into the second round to get more picks? Or is the best course to just take from what's available at spot number 30.

They've got 2 fourth round picks, and they could possibly combine one of them with their first to move up.

If they trade down, they can get more picks, but they give up the possibility of having a 1st round pick for 5 years.

If they stay where they are, should they take BPA or hope they fill one of their needs with whoever is there?

There's a lot riding on this draft. The team has been hamstrung by their cap status in free agency and badly needs an infusion of young talent.

Oh, and finally, should they be attempting to sign Hunter Renfrow to a cap friendly contract or is the draft a better option for another wide receiver?


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I don't know that the "quality of player" is that great once you get outside the top 12 or so. Thus, moving up would be, essentially  a waste, given how much it would cost to move that high, or even to move up to the mid 20's to nab a player you can essentially get at 30.

If anything, I would hope that they move back, gain an extra pick or two if there is nothing obvious about who is there at 30.

They lost a lot of free agents, many of them role players, some, special teams players and they need to replace them, cheaply

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I wouldn't advocate trading up unless it was to jump just a few spots for a guy who can start right away. But I think there will be opportunities at 30 and even up to high round 2 to get an OT. I wouldn't move up unless it was for that stud offensive lineman we need so bad.

After round 1, things really become a crap shoot whether you're looking for RB, WR or another lineman. But that's the hand we have.

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