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Texans D way better than last year


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and the Ravens only put up 253 yards last year...shut out in the second half...


Last year, Houston ranked 30th overall in total defense. It was last in the NFL in average passing yards allowed (267.5).

This season, the Texans are ranked No. 7 in the league in total yards. They’re sixth against the pass, allowing about 60 fewer average yards per game.

Phillips was brought on after being fired as the Dallas Cowboys’ head coach, and packed his 3-4 defense with him, converting the team from a 4-3. That was a significant change in the Texans’ scheme, which Pollard said allowed the team to put players in more natural positions.

The Texans have become particularly strong in the front seven, and are tied for fourth in the NFL in sacks with 15. Houston drafted defensive end J.J. Watt in the first round and added him to an already talented group including Shaun Cody and Antonio Smith.

Their tandem of inside linebackers, Brian Cushing and DeMeco Ryans, are possibly the best in the league. Before being placed on injured reserve with a pectoral injury, Mario Williams was one of the NFL’s elite playmakers. He already had five sacks.



I don't know how fans think this will be a walk in the park.


FS Danieal Manning

(on what the Texans will need to do in order to beat Baltimore) “If we stop them from running; they’re definitely going to try and come in, and we match their physical (play) or even be more physical than those guys, we’re definitely going to come out of this game with a win.”

(on how to be more physical than Baltimore) “You don’t let up. You just keep going. It’s like a UFC fight or a boxing match, 12 rounds, you’ve got to continue to take those licks and you put those licks on them.”



well...I don't see how they can match or beat the physicalcality of the Ravens but Manning can dream. :gorave:

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I don't think this will be a walk in the park, but you have to like the way things are lining up for the Ravens this week. Last year all the intangibles favored Houston. At home, on a monday night (where the underdog always plays well), & with their season hanging in the balance, the Texans basically had the ideal set-up to upset the Ravens, and yet the Ravens were still able to get the victory.


Fast forward to this year - the Ravens are at home where they seem to play exponentially better than they do on the road, the Texans are missing two crucial players - one on each side of the ball, and their QB is apparently banged up as well. The Texans certainly pose a threat because they have a good quarterback and Oline and we are super thin at secondary - if their line gives Shaub time, we can give up some points. In going through the 2nd half of the Monday nighter last year, the Ravens experienced first hand how dangerous Houston can be, and they were fortunate enough to do it last year without having to sacrifice a victory. They certainly shouldn't take Houston lightly after almost blowing a big lead last year. The defense was humbled - they'll be hungry. It just seems like everything is setting up in the Ravens favor this time around, and unlike last year when Houston had everything going for them but still lost, the Ravens are generally considered the stronger team in this match-up. I think they take care of business

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