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ExtremeRavens: The Sanctuary

Love this photo


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It captures it all...




Crushing Pittsburgh at home will do this to fans. :yeah:

lol at the lone Steeler fan! BTW...they were hardly visible at all that day and downright silent. :thumbup:

That was such a fun game to be at.

Love the Ravens and love Ravens fans.


This reminds me of the Ravens September 2000 win over the Jags 39-36.

The Ravens had never beaten the Jags. McAlister and Starks had not "come in to their own" yet and were getting tourched by another Jimmy Smith for 291 yards!. The Ravens needed a 17 point 4th quarter for a' come from behind' win punctuated with Sharpes TD catch. The Ravens had shut out the Steelers the week before and were now 2-0 and the fans went wild.

As fans we didn't know what a .500 season looked like and were hoping to hit that or 9-7 and begin to turn the corner.

Never saw a Super Bowl comming.

Anyway...it was the first time this Ravens fan saw Ravens fans as fired up and wild as the fans at Memorial stadium were for the Baltimore Colts. There were loud Ravens cheers as the stadium emptied out. A improve, Pigtown, small band on Russell street was playing "as the Saints...go marching in!"... south Baltimore style and the Ravens fans sang along and danced in the street blocking traffic.

My brother and I remarked "Baltimore football is now officially back"...as we blocked traffic dancing in the street. :gorave:


Kind of feeling something special developing this season too...

To go all the way, a teams has to beat teams they have struggled in the past. Beat teams over .500. Beat playoff teams. Win on the road and get better as the season progresses.

Find themselves.

It's been great fun watching this 2011 Ravens team tackle that task so far.

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Great picture, and equally great post. I remember that game. I remember the headline in the sun the next day.






He caught the game winner. In retrospect, I don't think the headline captured the bigness of the moment (which is exactly as you described it above). It wasn't just about a last second victory over a division rival we hadn't previously been competitive against. It was about finally feeling like the Ravens could contend in the division and league. I remember on Sunday Night football that night Joe Thiesman (who back then wasn't as annoying an annoucer) said the Ravens victory was the biggest story of the day and he reaffirmed them as his SB pick. Good pick Joe!

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