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Kokinis to Browns?


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Not like we didn't expect something like this. :rolleyes:


If Mangini gets the job to replace the fired Romeo Crennel, the sources said the favorite to become the team's general manager would be George Kokinis, who is the director of pro personnel for the Baltimore Ravens.


Kokinis and Mangini each were members of the Browns organization when Bill Belichick was coach. Mangini formally joined the staff as an assistant coach in 1995. Kokinis was a scout from 1991 to 1995 before moving with the team to Baltimore.


Scott Pioli, the Patriots' executive vice president of player personnel, has been considered the favorite for the GM job, but sources say his demands were "extreme," and Lerner is hesitant to accept the terms unless there is some level of compromise.


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Kokinis was Savage's replacement when he left for Cleveland. Essentially, he's the "assistant GM." Savage was the Browns' GM, as Newsome is here.


BR.com explains his job as such:


George Kokinis, in his 5th year as director of pro personnel and his 17th season as a member of the franchise, works closely with GM Ozzie Newsome in analyzing NFL rosters and coordinating and evaluating each year’s free agency market. Along with personnel recommendations, Kokinis assists vice president of football administration Pat Moriarty in negotiating contracts for some of the Ravens’ draft picks.


If he left, I'd imagine DeCosta would take his place.

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Why are our Coaches names being thrown out there when we are still in the playoffs?

Good question, It shouldn't be allowed until after the super bowl. Though the seasons are over for the coach seeking teams the playoff teams are still going at it. I don't care that the off season is pretty short. It's the price a team pays for taking a contending teams coach. I also think that a coach should not be able to advance to another team within his own division and maybe his own conference even.

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Here's an update...the Ravens won't let Kokinis make a lateral move...Browns have to make him a GM with full authority.


We will not be granting permission for any interviews until after our game," Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said Monday afternoon in a telephone interview.

Kokinis is heavily involved in helping the coaching staff and players get ready for games, sharing his knowledge about opponents’ tendencies and personnel through his advance scouting.

The Ravens have set aside Sunday as a possible availability for interviews.

The Ravens have also informed the Browns that Kokinis can only leave the team for a position that contractually gives him final-say authority over all football-related matters.


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