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First team to reduce ticket prices

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I think so too.


I'm one of those fans who enjoys the game more by being there and watching it live. I just see more and get a whole lot more enjoyment out of it than a tv set gives me.


I make good money, but even for me the cost is getting prohibitive. I actually woke up this morning thinking about the cost of playoff tickets because that money will be due soon...along with Christmas money ect. My childern come first, The quality of their life comes first and at some point I can see that I will have to sell my PSL's because I'm getting gouged out.


If it wasn't for parity, then most stadiums would not sell out. I could not enjoy any games if the Ravens were perinal stinkers and under performers. I'd feel like a sucker to financially support that. This is exactly why I stopped my Orioles 16 game package 10 years ago. I'm not paying to make guys millionaires who can't even play. I haven't been back to one game since and I used to go to 20 games at least every year since I was in grade school.

The truth that every fan knows is that we are being stuck up and robbed to go to games. It's an insult to look at the price of NFL merchandise and concessions. We are being shaken for every nickle and penny we have while the league, owners and players are trying to find more ways to get more out of us. I do feel used.


Now is probably the best time to cash out on your PSL's because their value will rapidly drop if this economy takes another nose dive. I've been thinking about it. This is comming from a rabbid fan so take heed of the warning signs NFL.

Does anybody miss the NBA or care if it ever starts back up?

Not me.

The same goes for MLB which I loved for most of my life.

I can live without it. Push me some more and you will see.

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I love watching games live, but with the economy and having kids the only way I go to games is when I get free tickets.


Plus it seems lately the people going to the games are getting dumber and dumber. I almost saw a fight at the Thanksgiving game in the 1st quarter over absolutely nothing. The idiot Ravens fan wouldn't shut up he just kept trying to start a fight with a few 49ers fans. Of course the cops came up and everything. The whole thing was stupid.


I used to dream of buying PSL's but not anymore. That will never happen for me. I am on the waiting list but I calculated it will be another 18 years before I am eligible to buy PSL's, maybe I will hit the lottery by then.

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