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Keys to Success


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In my mind, our success is predicated on the following:


On Offense


Running Game - Aside from the obvious need to control the LOS, we must have a good, not necessarily dominant, running game with little of no miscues. This is a tall order but the 3 headed monster needs to have a statement game with 120 - 150 yds. Period.


Passing Game- Bazooka Joe has got to take care of the ball and have an effiicent game and, unlike last Sunday, has to connect on 2-3 long plays downfield "this time". The offense cant afford to get mired into many 3rd and long situations and simply "air it out" to spread out the Tenn "D". Mason will have to have another Mason game. Clayton and Heap can't disappear this game.



On Defense


Run D - We need another repeat performance from earlier in the season. Cannot let Johnson and Lendale White take over at any point in this game. Must have a stellar performance for the Run D.


Pass D - My biggest concern. We have got to make Kerry Collins' life miserable the ENTIRE game. Our pass D has got to prevent the dunk and dunk to the Titans RBs and TEs (Crumpler and Scaife) - thats where they had most of their success in last game. Our CBs (esp Ivy and Washington) have got to WRAP UP the Titans runners and receivers or they will get burned. I still cringe watching replays of Washington trying to tackle Ronnie Brown's shoulders and helmet last week. Note to FWash: Ronnie Brown is half the runner of Lendale White or Johnson. Wrap up, dude !!!!


Special Teams


We will need kickoff, punt and coverage at a high level again this week. Stover and Koch need to come up big and control the field position battle.



If we are effective in the above areas, I believe we can have some real success on Saturday.

Either way, it should be helluva game. Cant wait !!







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It will be won in the trenches by the faster and more physical team. That means consistant, hammering execution.

Like I said before...it will come down to "who cracks first".

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Very well said VA, agree with everything.


Koch has been kicking so well, look what the chargers kicker did for them against the colts. Look at what Kyle Richardson did for us in 2000. Hauschka will be kicking it deep not stover. One thought Ive had is our concerns with Stover's lack of range early in the season haven't come up in recent weeks. Do you trust stover to hit a 50 yarder that could be crucial in a game bound to be a field position battle? Id rather see Koch pin them deep and let the organized chaos loose. I feel great because unlike billick, i trust harbaugh to judge the position of the game and make the right call. The fake field goal against Dallas may be favorite moment of this season... so far


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