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PFW spin...


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I'm getting my concerns out early in the week.

I just think this Ravens team is...exhausted.


I read this from PFW and it jives with my current mood...


The defensive injuries are especially troubling. Suggs indicated he intends to play; he has never missed a game in the regular season or postseason. Less is known as of this writing about the status of Leonhard and Rolle. Leonhard has been a revelation; his fumble-forcing hit on Titans TE Alge Crumpler may have saved the game for Baltimore. Were Rolle to be out, the Ravens’ CB depth really would be stretched. Note that the second matchup between the Ravens and Steelers may have turned when Washington left with an injury. Washington's replacement, Frank Walker, struggled late in that game.


Also, don’t overlook the importance of the McClain injury. He rushed for a combined 150 yards vs. the Steelers this season. If he’s limited or out, the Ravens will have to lean more heavily on Willis McGahee and Ray Rice.


The question is, how much more can the Ravens take?




Sometimes I have to look at the worst before I can find the good. :)

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Like I said, this is it.


You have to use a wheel chair to get on the field then you do it.

If you don't want to play in a game like this then you don't belong.

Just tape my arm back on, I am going in!

I hear ya man and usually i would agree...I just don't know how effective Rolle can be with a groin injury.But i am hoping for the best.

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