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Gold Towels and Ben


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Courtesy of the Harford County Government's website. Heard it on the radio this morning.


Sung to the tune of "Green Eggs and Ham."





We do not like gold towels and Ben

We will defeat them once again


We are coming to your house

And we will trap you like a mouse


You will see when we are through

The refs can't win the game for you


So check the spread and call your bookie

We're coming at ya with our rookie


His name is Joe and he is cool

He came from that there Blue Hen school


He makes the fans all scream & shout

He's not afraid to air it out


He'll throw the ball to big Todd Heap

Or make Mason take a leap


He'll hand it to Willis or to LeRon

Who'll run right through their Harr-i-son


We do not like gold towels and Ben

Must we say it yet again?


We've seen Big Ben there many times

We've sacked him, too, and rung his chimes


Scott & Rolle will keep him quick

Ed Reed might snag another pick


He will get a cold reception

How do you spell "interception"?


With Ray Ray leading our big "D"

Big Pittsburgh scores you will not see


Just when you think the game is over

We'll trot out good old Matt Stover


Bend at the waist, then flex that knee

He'll put it through the posts, you see


We do not like gold towels and Ben

We will defeat them once again


To play you twice was just for fun

Now it's time to Git 'R Done


We'll wipe the smirk from Hines Ward's face

And keep the offense in its place


We'll use the ground game and the air

We'll straighten Troy's long curling hair


We'd like to see you lose at home

In the cold without a dome


(But where it's warm is where we'll be

Watching on some big TV)


You'll leave tired and out of gas

Use your towels to wipe your grass


Keep it clean and watch your mouth

The Ravens will be flying south


We do not like gold towels and Ben

Unless we beat them once again


They're worthy foes, not sloths or burglars

(It's hard to rhyme with Roethlisberger)


We know that when the game is o'er

You'll like the Ravens nevermore


We know that when we play the Steelers

We fans are not a bunch of squealers


It's just a healthy rivalry

And no one wins each time, times three.



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Guest BallTMore

Haha. Cool.



I feel similar, Spen. It will be beyond amazing if we can pull this off, though!


Frank Walker scares the hell out of me, and I'm not sure Jameel McClain or Edgar Jones can cover a TE or stop the run as well as Suggs.


Our offense needs to be flawless tomorrow. We need 7s, not 3s, all day.


But who cares? I'm through analyzing. We're one win away from the Super Bowl! I'll be in full homer mode tomorrow.



Eff Pittsburgh!


Go Ravens! Shock the NFL world!

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Of all the games to "have a bad feeling about", this is a pretty good one, because if we pull the upset... we're in the Super Bowl. That's a hell of a reward.


It just shows how far we've come this season that we're even in this position. We may have already lost the game on paper, but they're going to let us play the game anyways, so that's nice of them.

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