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The players are getting desperate


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This happens every year.

Many over value themselves, hit the market, find they can't get the money they want, and it's too late! They have just been replaced. Can't go back to their team.

For a lot of these Free Agents, by opening day, they realize their career is over.

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Also with the reduction in rev split has kept the cap low and a bunch of teams are tight.


And that is good for the fans

Otherwise the league would just keep raising prices at an insane rate to fund "average Joe's" into multi-millionaires like MLB.

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The only possible good that I could see come out of that strike was for the owners to agree to a hard cap.


And...the owners have to curb their greed.


There were tons of games.....what to me is an alarming number of games, not sold out throughout the NFL.

Watch. Their solution will be to expand and water down the product even more. There won't be parity. It will be "Crappy"...the next step down. All teams will be Crappy.

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I think we are likely to see another increase in ticket prices for the Ravens so don't get your hopes up for the prices to come down like in Tampa or Jacksonville. It's still a case of supply and demand. As long as the Ravens remain successful there will be plenty of demand for tickets and they will continue to raise prices until they stop winning and/or stop selling out games. The business side of all professional sports will always irk fans but that is the way of a free economy. Everyone will have a max price they are willing to pay before they stop going to games and team owners will try to obtain every $ they can in order to run the best business they can.

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