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Ravens 11-1 for 2010 Super Bowl


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The Ravens almost made it this year with the second most players on IR. They played what??...19 straight games? That's a deep, bad ass team.

If they stay healthy, look the F out!



They figure the offense is going to take a giant step next year...I figue that too.

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I don't see that. I see this past season some-what of a Miracle.



I tend to agree. I had us going 5-11 and we shocked or at least surprised all the football pundits this past season.


The pundits already have us as an elite team or, at least, a playoff team in 09/10. We'll see.

Like I said before, I'd rather be "off everyone's radar screen" and sneak up on teams during the year.


Next season will be tough - West coast, NFC North trips to Green Bay and Minn. Cincy and Cleve will be (have to be) better. Flacco needs to step up, Cam needs to open up the O, we need a playmaker WR, get younger at CB, and need to solidify/stabilize the LB position. We do all that, we should be competitive. Thats all I'm after - is to win and be competetive. Everything else will take care of itself.







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