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Conflicting reports on RR contract


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Not so fast on that report about progress between the Ravens and free agent running back Ray Rice.

Contrary to the Baltimore Sun report that the two sides are making progress toward a long-term contract, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that while the Ravens and Rice are talking, they have not made any progress toward a new deal.

If Rice doesn’t agree to a long-term deal by July 16, he will surely sign the franchise tender and play the 2012 season on the one-year tender, which is a guaranteed base salary of $7.7 million. But Rice could decide to skip training camp and not sign that tender until the start of the regular season if he grows frustrated by the lack of progress.

All indications are that Rice wants a big-time contract. In February Peter King reported that Rice wants an Adrian Peterson-like contract, which would mean a seven-year, $100 million contract with $36 million guaranteed and $40 million in the first three years. More recently reports have said Rice is seeking $10 million a year, which is more than LeSean McCoy just got from the Eagles.

If that’s what Rice is asking for, it’s no surprise that the sides have made no progress. Realistically, the Ravens just aren’t going to pay Rice the kind of money he’s reportedly seeking. It’s a bad time to be a free agent running back in the NFL, and Rice is finding that out.

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<h2 class="h1 entry-title"> Ray Rice will not get the contract he wants


We’ve heard several times this offseason that Ravens running back Ray Rice wants to be paid like one of the NFL’s elite running backs, and that the player and the team are far apart in contract talks.

But Sal Paolantonio of ESPN might have had the report that put the distance between the Ravens and Rice into the starkest terms yet: Paolantonio said that when talking to a senior Ravens official about reports that Rice wants Adrian Peterson money or at least Chris Johnson money, that senior team official said, “That is simply not going to happen.”

Peterson signed a seven-year, $100 million deal with $36 million guaranteed, while Johnson signed a six-year, $56 million contract with $30 million guaranteed. Rice can’t expect to get that.

There’s probably no NFL running back who can expect to get that, especially considering that both the Titans and the Vikings have to be having second thoughts about those contracts now. Johnson had by far his worst season after signing that lucrative contract last year, and Peterson had his season end with a torn ACL. Most NFL teams believe that running backs break down too quickly, get injured too often and are replaced too easily to invest huge sums of money in them.

Rice may come to terms with the Ravens on a new deal, but only if he’s willing to take a lot less than Peterson and Johnson got. If no deal is reached by July 16, Rice will end up playing for the one-year franchise tender of $7.7 million.


This is exactly what I have been saying. You can't give RR a huge deal.<h2 class="h1 entry-title"></h2>

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So we have a couple of reporters speculating.

Everybody knows he's not asking for or getting Peterson money. I don't think I've read any posts from Ravens fans saying he's worth that.

Try $10 mil lower in the signing bonus...that's his market.

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The bar for the very top of the market goes to $36 million over three years for Johnson, and a whopping $40 million over three years for Peterson. That’s what Rice supposedly wants, and he reportedly is never going to get it.

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