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Loyola vs The Terps for the NCAA Mens Lacrosse Championship!!!!!


What a semi final!!!!! Loyola takes down Notre Dame and Maryland anniliates PUKE!!!!!!!!



Its going to be tough as who to root for Monday, but dam it feels good now!!!!

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It was a great day watching lacrosse.Too bad it's not at M&T.


I feel great for Loyola taking down the Irish. They have had a great season.and it was no small feat for Maryland to beat a very good Puke team although they made it look easy.

I love the aggressive Maryland defense but their offense is really something to see. They are like a python slowly restricting it's victim. Little by little, as they move the ball around an invisible circle surrounding the opponents goal....that ring constricts...gets smaller and smaller...closer to the goal... as they pass the ball and work it in...then suddenly wham!...a short high percentage shot goes in the net. They were accurate as shit...55%!


Loyola has to jump out to a lead...that may take Maryland out of their game.


I'm picking Maryland but it would be nice to see that trophy in Baltimore...you're right...real hard to choose a team to root for.


Come on crav...you don't like these jersey's?!



I've got to get one.

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