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Another argument against moving camp to the castle


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Moving south for training camp might have something to do with the limited offseason schedule put into place by the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Going away to camp maximizes the amount of time you can work on football because players don’t have much else to do while living in dorms without their families while camp is in session. Even the switch from driving to walking to work makes it easier to keep everyone on the same page.

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Yeah it does, I totally enjoyed going to Westminster for Colts and Ravens Camps..It brought the players and the fans together..Baltimore is the only team, where their players have their own radio shows, and players frequent these shows all the time..I have a problem with Bisquit doing this, because hes my generation, his dad would take him to Colts camp just as mine would me. He even said he still remembers meeting Johnny, I do too..


My kids loved Ray Ray and Reed, Im sure they will remember that, but my Grand son now, he wont have that.


Its one thing to see your fav players on TV, but to be up close to them and shake their hand, and get an autograph, and strike a conversation, thats just something..

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Harbaugh won't be around forever.


I think camp will be back once Harbaugh is gone. The Ravens don't really have a market all to themselves and you cannot allow yourself to alienate your fan base like that.


Of course, if the Deadskins ever become competitive again, that would speed up the process.

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