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Brandon Pettigrew in the first round?


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While WR is a dire need for this team, this team has become a little thin at tight-end. Todd Heap is no longer a consistent receiving threat, and with his durability problems, who knows how much longer he will be with the team. Mel Kiper, Jr. currently ranks Pettigrew as the fourteenth best prospect in the draft, but I have seen plenty of mock drafts with Pettigrew dropping.


Pettigrew possesses only average speed, but is a natural, fluid athlete who has strong, soft hands. Pettigrew has a massive frame (6'5", 257 pounds) and is very difficult to take down in the open field. He knows how to use his frame when making catches, but most importantly Pettigrew is considered an elite blocker at the tight-end position. Pettigrew plays with a mean streak.


The downside, other than his average speed, is that he has discipline problems. Pettigrew will be 24 years-old when the draft comes, has pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors in his time at OSU, and plays undisciplined at times. I am not sure how Ozzie and Harbaugh will look at this, but if he is there at 26, and there is no other value pick there (such as Vontae Davis, Tyson Jackson, or Jeremy Maclin), then Pettigrew may be too good of a talent to pass on.





From the YouTube video you get a sense of how good his hands are, and how easy and fluid he makes catching the ball look.


If last draft was any indication, wide receivers will drop. Crabtree is a lock to go in the top half of the draft, but depending how late the next guy (Maclin) is taken could decide if guys like Nick, DHB, Britt, or Harvin fall to the second round. Of course, trading back like we did last year might be a very good option provided no one of good value is there at 26. This draft is a little top heavy, loses some value in the 20s, then picks up back again with some solid depth projected to be available in the early second round.

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Absolutely no chance whatsoever that he becomes a Raven. I'd bank on a trade for Randy Moss first.


First off, there is too much invested in Heap. Period. He has been paid handsomely and will be given every possible opportunity to make good on that deal and be the best player he can be. There is no reason and no way that the team will give up on him so quickly because of his struggles.


As well, Harbaugh would have no part of that sort of player. Especially as a headline, number one draft pick.


Thirdly, I don't think the position is as thin as we think. Wilcox and Sypniewski both have starting experience, and both are good players. Quinn will be healthy come next season, and Wilcox is both a big community connection and excellent #2 tight end in passing situations.

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Getting Pettigrew does not mean we have to get rid of Heap. Is Quinn really 100%? If he is, then great. Wilcox and Heap both have durability issues. So much so for Wilcox that he has flirted with the 'R' word. My point is that while we may be okay for next season, who knows about the season after that. Wilcox is getting older, and Heap's body has taken a lot punishment for only being 28 years-old. So, if Pettigrew is there at #26, he would most certainly be the best value. Do you take him?


BTW, that YouTube user DraftParty has put up highlights of over eighty 2009 draft prospects. Pretty interesting stuff.

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More on Pettigrew from the Sun:


INDIANAPOLIS -- Tight end Brandon Pettigrew could have left Oklahoma State after his junior year, and would have been a first-day draft choice. He hung around, though, and should reap the reward this April.


When Pettigrew had his moment in the combine media spotlight yesterday, he made the most of that, too. At 6-feet-5 and 263 pounds, with long arms and an athletic build, he looked -- and acted -- like a first-round pick. He was at ease in the media interview, as if he belonged.


Pettigrew is the most complete tight end in the draft, a solid blocker and a good short-to-intermediate receiver. Looking at him, it seemed unlikely he could fall to the Ravens' 26th pick. But he has some baggage -- he was arrested for assaulting a police officer early last year -- and that could cost him positioning in the first round.



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The tight-end class looks very strong this year. Pettigrew is the only all-around blue chip tight-end prospect, but there are plenty of big play tight-ends in the draft that we should be looking at in the second or third rounds. Here is what Eric DeCosta said on tight-end:


What we want is a guy to be really dominant at one thing or the other. Usually the top tight end is either an outstanding blocker or an outstanding receiver. If a guy's not outstanding in either regard, he's probably a backup-type tight end. And if a guy excels as a blocker or a receiver, he's got a chance to really help a team. If he can do both, he's got a chance to be an elite guy.


Here of some of the guys that are standout receivers:


Travis Beckham, Wisconsin


Cornelius Ingram, Florida


Jared Cook, South Carolina


On Cook:


Rare athlete. Reportedly ran a 4.37-second 40-yard dash and posted a 39.5-inch vertical leap in 2007.


Possesses above-average top-end speed and though lacks ideal bulk has enough room on his frame to add weight without sacrificing quickness or agility.


2007: Given the Weight Room Effort Award for the offense following spring drills. 2008: Given the Big Play Award for the offense following spring drills.


Displays excellent body control and opens his well enough to adjust to balls thrown behind him. Times jumps well and can highpoint the ball. Has soft hands and concentration to make tough catches in traffic.


Long strider that has excellent top-end speed and can make safeties pay for biting on play action. Plucks ball out of the air without breaking stride and elusive enough to make defenders miss in the open field.




By the way, Steve Spurrier compared Jared Cook to Calvin Johnson. Maybe he could be there in the second round for us or if we trade down.


EDIT: Cook just jumped a 41-inch vertical leap, besting his reported 39.5-inch leap in 2007.


Did anyone else hear that Michael Crabtree checked in at only 6'1" 215 pounds? There goes the Fitzgerald comparisons in my opinion. Jeremy Maclin came in pretty small as well, 6" 198. Suddenly Harvin's 5'11" 195 does not look so small.

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I want to thank everybody for their thoughts on the draft and their draft prospects information. You're doing good work..in a round about way you save me homework. :) I definately read what everybody has to say...I'm just not knowledgable enough to contribute yet.


As a fan (and a geezer..:) )I'm set in my ways. I follow a slotted time schedule (ignore FA and the draft during the regular season) then I go all out on free agency ignoring the draft because it doesn't happen until April 26th-27th. What the Ravens do in FA effects their draft. After the first 10 days to 2 weeks of free agency, then I'm ready to go all out on the draft.....anyway that works for me.


Of course Browns fans have their own schedule...mock drafts beginning in October....:D


Anyway...the draft and this draft is huge. Look what last years brought to the Ravens! Another draft like that and we are set for a good while.


Let's take an inside look at the ExtremeRavens Draft Experts War Room....:)


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