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If you saw the rap video recently and thought it was weird and, well, bad... try this one out...




Goes on Letterman last night and well... is either stoned off his rocker or just doesn't care that he's there. After repeated attempts to get him to act like a guest, Letterman just starts making fun of him... until Joaquin gets mad... and then its just funny.

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Guest BallTMore



There is the interview for those that haven't seen it. It's definitely weird.


It seems like a bad joke, he almost cracks up a few times. I hope for his sake that this IS a joke, if not, then he is in seriously need of help.



Oops. didn't realize dc's link had a video. Mine is full version, though, so I win again!

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I can't decide yet if I think it's a joke or not. It has some pieces that make me think it is, and others that make me think it's not.


The fact that a week ago, every news source in the country was running a "Phoenix's career change NOT a hoax" has me just as curious.


His rapping sucks, though, that's for sure.


I do have a friend who has been around Phoenix a lot - he works in LA these days writing for indie films. He said that Joaquin is still VERY messed up by his brother's death.

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