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Who should stay and go


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QB Kyle Boller UFA Bye

QB Todd Bouman UFA Bye

RB P.J. Daniels RFA Bye

FB Lorenzo Neal UFA Resign

WR Mark Clayton RFA Resign for 1 yr

WR Terrance Copper Bye

WR Marcus Maxwell RFA Bye

WR Demetrius Williams RFA Bye

TE Quinn Sypniewski RFA Sign a multi yr deal

TE Daniel Wilcox UFA I think he will retire

PK Matt Stover UFA Bye

P Sam Koch RFA Sign Multi yr deal

C Jason Brown UFA Sign MMulti yr deal

DL Dwan Edwards UFA Sign only to Raven friendly deal

DL Brandon McKinney RFA resign for a yr.

DL Terrell Suggs UFA Tag and trade

LB Dan Cody UFA Has he retired yet

LB Ray Lewis UFA Let him walk unless at Raven friendly deal

LB Robert McCune RFA Baltimore Ravens Free Agentresign for 1 yr

LB Bart Scott UFA Resign if you let Ray and Suggs go.

CB Corey Ivy UFA Ravens friendly deal as nickel.

CB Derrick Martin RFA resign for 1 yr

CB Chris McAlisterNew player news! UFA (Cut) Seeya

CB Evan Oglesby RFA Bye

SS Dawan Landry RFA Bye

FS Jim Leonhard UFA Get him back

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1st release--Knucklehead Stone

Terrance Copper Marcus Maxwell--Who?? C-ya

Demetrius Williams-TD Taylor--C ya

Dan Cody--pffffft gone

Bouman--Bye Bye--Go get Drew Olson as our 3rd stringer

PJ Daniels--I like ya, but you got to go

Bart Scott--Go get your pay day, you earned it

Matt Stover--Thanks for the memories, but its time.



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So we cut Rolle and sign a new CB for $8 mil and cut Anderson and pay $5 or so. That is just throwing money away. Both were solid contributers this season. I see both as very reasonably priced for their prodction.



Rolle is always injured, 4mil for someone on the bench doesn't seem very reasonable to me. Willie can go either way, he wasn't the best but he was a body and the unbalanced line was a big part of our offense.

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