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Per Schefter: Suggs back against the Texans?


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Despite returning to practice only Wednesday from a torn Achilles in April, Ravens LB Terrell Suggs is targeting and expecting to play Sunday versus Houston, according to league sources. Sources said that even Suggs’ family and friends have plans to travel to Houston in anticipation of watching him stage one of the quickest returns from this type of significant injury that any athlete ever has. “Yes, that’s still the plan,” one source texted today. Baltimore still wants to make sure there are no setbacks this week, especially today, when Suggs returns to the training facility after his first day of practice since last season. Plus, Suggs appears to have added weight during his layoff that he may try to shed in coming weeks. Ravens coach John Harbaugh continually has declined to put a timetable on Suggs’ return and many have believed it would be mid November. But more and more it’s looking like there’s a real chance, maybe a better than real chance, that Suggs will make his season debut Sunday.
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this is just a lot of smoke. Suggs won't play Sunday.

It would be irresponsible for the coaches to let him play. He hasn't practiced. He hasn't had live snaps and he's comming off a serious injury....plus they have a ton of money invested in him.

If there is any fast track miracle comeback, then it would be after the bye in 2 weeks against Cleveland.


Now this is a very promising quote from Kruger....if Suggs didn't pay him to say it and I wouldn't put that past Suggs...


In an interview with ESPN Radio's "Scott Van Pelt Show" on Thursday, Ravens linebacker Paul Kruger said Suggs has "looked real strong in practice."


"Everybody was talking about how serious this kind of injury is and how long it takes and everything. But the way he's been putting in his hours in the treatment room and rehabbing, he's just come such a far way in a short amount of time, and he looks good and looks fast," Kruger said. "I honestly don't know what he's going to do, but he's looking good. We'll see if it's this week or next (that he returns)."


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