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Ravens Offense Better Show Up Today


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Last week a few big plays clobbered the Ravens Special Teams unit and Defense. The Flacco INT hurt because it put the D on a short field. Penalties hurt. Against a weak opponent those things made it a close game although the Ravens dominanted the stats.


Only one stat matters in the NFL...WINS.

The team with the most points, at the final whistle, wins the game. Period. No style points are awarded.


I can see the Ravens winning the stat battle today but lose the game. The big play potential is there for the Chagers.


That's why I say the Ravens Offense better show up today. I think the Chargers will find ways to put up points and it will be up to the Ravens O to make some big plays and pull out the win.


It's up to you Joe..



and Kelly...and Todd...Derrick...Ray...Willis...Mark...and could you show up Demetrius??? Please?

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The Chargers are a beat-up team, hurting.


I see one big play potential and that is on kickoffs.


If the Ravens do not go into their house and rip their hearts out, this is not the same team as last season or of old.



Good point rm52...let's see them rip their hearts out...that would be a huge statement that this is no longer "the old Ravens".

It would mean they have taken the next step.

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You cant tell me you were worried? Dont lose sight of the fact that WE were the underdogs here


And yes, Im concerned about the play of Foxworth and Washington, Rivers did seem to pick on them enough.


But, hey in the end, Old Man Lewis showed them who the better team was.


We have Leaveland next week..BAWAHAHAHAHAHAAA

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