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I love this uniform. Really.


Wait.........wait.........I feel a prediction comming on....


twilightzonewilltherealmartianpleasestandupthirdeye.jpg "Within the next 10 years, American youth will be combining a swath of brilliant colors in their garb like Bozo the clown. It will be the rage. The humorous look, of short pants 10 sizes too big, with 2 skinny, twig-like calves protruding beneath, will be discarded in favor of this new form of self imposed public humiliation."

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I am reading a book called Serena. A guy who is a crew chief on a lumberjack crew during the depression wears overalls. They are old and beat up. He haspatched them with vaious colored patches. His reasoning is that animals keep away from bright varied colored bugs and animals because they are veiwed as dangerous. I guess that is what UMD is going for.

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