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Yea...the Raiders were never in the game but on the stat board they had more yards, won TOP, but the big stat was: Redzone! Raiders 0 for 3. Ravens 4 for 5.

We're getting some defense.


And Joe????

Give him the ball with a minute 30 and he'll score from anywhere. He was on fire today. Lasers.



Everybody scored. Tucker, Pita, Jones, Rice, Joe, Smith. 3 rushing. 3 passing.


Torry Smith? 2 catches. 2 touchdowns. 33.5 ypc.

Give Jacoby Jones a game ball! And Pita! He gets one too.



We had a Stealer flashback...



We had a regular season game and then a pre season game in the 4th quarter.

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Oh...Upshaw had a great game. I liked him on one end and Suggs on the other. Nice game for Suggs too.

6 blocked passes.....finally.


There was an Ed Dickson sighting with 2 big chain moving catches...and...

a Kruger sighting...tipped a pass and caught it. He got the sacks and QB hits too.


Ngata and Jimmy Smith sat out the game....getting healthy for Pittsburg.

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