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Thoughts on Dean Pees

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What are everyone's thoughts on this guy? On the one hand I want him fired for how horrible the defense has performed all season. On the other hand I think it's unfair not to expect the issues we've been having with all the injuries he's had to deal with. Assuming the defense continues to play about the same as it did today for the final 3 games, do you think the injuries should buy him another year?

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Not just the injuries either... we let JJ go, we've settled for Cary Williams as a starter and there was no depth there either... we're starting very young with Kruger, Upshaw...


He certainly doesn't have the tools that many of our other coordinators have for us...


But nonetheless... many of our problems are well short of "athlete" problems; there are huge problems with schemes, discipline (knowing your place on the field) and overall understanding of the gameplan. And I don't like the gameplans.

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If they can upgrade over him in the off season, then they should.

In his defense, he has little to work with. They actually did good today given that Suggs and Ellerbe were out...no Lewis , Webb or Smith. It's a unit weak on talent. They had the Special Teams players filling the voids...and it looked like it.

Marvin Lewis looked like Pees his first 3 years here. He didn't become a genius until he got the talented players.

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I thought he had turned the corner when he moved upstairs and our schemes seemed to be working better. We actually generated a decent pass rush today. But.......


A 3 man line on the 2 point conversion with the Ngata and McPhee lined up over the OTs is the worst formation in the history of goal line formations that I have ever saw. Our LBs were lined up 2 yards deep in the endzone and dropped further back when the ball was snapped. Seriously, max on his hospital bed could have ran that one in for the 2 points.


He should be fired for that one play call. Belicheat fired him and now so should we. Lesson to be learned, don't feed off Bill's scraps as he is canning them for a reason.

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