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A writer wants 49ers/Pats Super Bowl

Guest MongoGoesCrazy

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Guest MongoGoesCrazy

Check out this crap of work. As a Ravens fan, i am offended by this filth. It's clear this guy

knows nothing about the Ravens.


Ravens have no personality? Give me a break. How is this hack a writer? This is why

I hate blogs. It's morons like this author that make blogs a joke.


[link removed]

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Does anyone want to watch Ray Lewis win a championship? This guy is unlikable with the way he talks. He comes off as a used car salesman when he preaches about the Lord and values.


Apparently ESPN does, isnt he pondering a contract to be a MNF analyst?



Plus, the 49ers and Patriots are the best teams in football all season. Shouldn’t we expect the best teams to play each other for the right to win a championship?

Talk about the Ravens and Falcons being qualified to be in Super Bowl all you want, but neither of these teams don’t appeal to a causal fan.

The Ravens are a nice team, but they lack sizzle. That team is boring to watch. They have players that have no personalities.


The Patsies didnt secure the 2 seed til week 17 of the season, week 16 they were a wild card team...And BTW week 3, the Ravens kicked the shit out of your so-called best team..


Our team lacks sizzle? you're a fuckin douce bag..hows that for lacking sizzle?/

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This is not by a writer....it's some kid. About 7th grade age.


Most writers are picking this match up, so this dude isn't alone.


Wait!.......wait...I found him!

Here's a photo ...


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Just a writer wants Pats-9ers SB ? Try most of the U.S. ESPN, CBS, etc are all chomping at the bit for the same. Even my local radio jocks in Va are dying for the Pats and 9ers. It's incredibly annoying !


Maybe Harbaugh, Ray and others can use this as inspiration and the old me vs the world mindset - a la 2000 ?

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