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Mike is all over the Ravens...



...-- The older brother will beat the younger brother again.

Super Bowl XLVII will be
nothing more than a repeat, at least victory wise, of the 2011 Thanksgiving Day
game between the two teams when John
's Ravens beat
Jim Harbaugh's
Francisco 49ers
, 16-6.

If you look down the rosters and compare personnel, the 49ers have better
players and are more balanced. But the Ravens are riding emotion and after two
years of failing in the postseason, their playmakers are making plays. They also
have enough crusty veterans who won't quit.


San Francisco has one of the best defenses in the NFL
and the 49ers are allowing just 17.1 points and 94.2 yards rushing a game, but
they aren't invincible.

They rely on speed, but they can't handle the Ravens power or downhill
running game. I like Ravens guards Marshal Yanda
and K.O. Osemele one-on-one with inside linebackers NaVorro
and Patrick
. I can see Pierce running for big yards behind fullback Vonta Leach,
who can't wait to get a piece of Willis.

The 49ers can limit the Ravens' deep passing game because they have two Pro Bowl
safeties in Dashon
and Donte
, but the 12- to 15-yard out patterns and crossing routes should be
there. Flacco has to be patient.



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It's a Purple Universe...



The crowd…

Is anyone left in Ravenstown? Fans in purple have taken over the Big Easy, seemingly outnumbering their San Francisco counterparts by a wide margin. And believe me, that isn’t just the observation of someone with Charm City connections.

“I would say it’s at least three to one Baltimore,” a waiter at the Rib Room said during a meal in the bustling (to put it mildly) French Quarter Friday night.

Just eyeballing the landscape, I would concur that Baltimore fans are outnumbering those of the Niners, at least so far. It’s actually not a surprise. Before they ever landed here, the Ravens had heard though tour operators and ticket brokers that they would have bigger numbers – as much as 70-30, one member of the front office told me.

As for what that means for Sunday’s game crowd, it’s natural to assume the Ravens will have louder support, not only because of the numbers but also because it turns out fans in New Orleans, thousands of whom will attend, have no love for the 49ers, who dominated their Saints for years when they were in the same division and also knocked them out of the NFC playoffs a year ago.

Super Bowl crowds can be odd, surprisingly muted because of the heavy corporate (read: indifferent) influence. But domes are loud. The Ravens will hear plenty of cheers.


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Last night I had a dream of a Ravens victory. Hopefully it was a precursor


To be honest, even though the Ravens are division rivals I'm pulling for the guys in purple today. Call it an AFC North thing. Most of my buds over at Bengalszone think I'm nuts.


Fuck 'em. I cannot root for a team that TWICE beat mine in Super Bowls.

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:bleh: losers :bleh:



:cryin1: losers :cryin1:



:scared: lewis :scared:


sry guys

the harbaugh bowl won me money


i must pull for the 9erds logically



I need the Ravens for a 600 cash pot..I picked ravens-9ers SB back in August, with the Ravens winning it..That comes true 5 bonus points and first place for me

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