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Goal-line technology coming to the wrong kind of football


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As the NFL slides behind other sports when it comes to ensuring that its players are clean, pro football could be falling behind another kind of football when it come to ensuring that its calls are.

FIFA will be implementing goal-line technology for the 2014 World Cup.

The specific method hasn’t been determined; the system could be based on cameras or on magnetic sensors. Still, it’s good to see any sport embrace the many available technologies in the hopes of getting calls right.

So when will the NFL do the same? It can’t be hard for the NFL to come up with a device that will create objective evidence of any portion of the ball kissing or crossing the plane of the goal line.

With each passing year, the NFL’s failure to come up with a way to ensure that the critical question of whether a touchdown has been scored has been answered correctly becomes more glaring.



Yeah why make it a better game. Lets fine guys for their socks to low.

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I think its silly to criticize the NFL for not having some sort of goal line technology. The NFL has its problems but it has been at the forefront in sports in replays and efforts to get the plays correct. Would something like this help? I don't know, maybe one goaline play in a couple hundred might benefit from this. The replay would still have to be watched in a lot of the cases to see whether a knee was down or if a foot was out of bounds etc. I just don't see this helping much at all.



I think the author just wanted to complain to get attention.

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