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Ravens Insider: Ravens to raise ticket prices at M&T Bank Stadium this season


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I'm not going to cry...not when they win the Super Bowl.


It's easier to be "OK" with the high cost of attending games because:

1 The Ravens organization works hard at putting a great product on the field.

2. They invest in the stadium and work to make the gameday experience one of the best in the NFL.

3. My other 70,000 insane buddies at the games make it all worthwhile. :gorave:


That said.....they can get better. Going to the bathroom and no TV's sucks. No radio coverage in most bathrooms is inexcuseable. Eliminate Thursday and Sunday night games. I want scores posted....all the games without the fantasy stats that slow down any chance of knowing what is going on. WE CAN'T CONNECT WITH THE INTERNET ON OUR PHONES AT THE GAME!!!!!!!!! FIX THAT! RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

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You cant connect to the internet while in the stadium? WOW


You can but it's real slow and cuts off. It's hit or miss and I use it to get scores. I'd post of the board too if I could.

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