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Ray fined 25 Grand


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Actually Ray was being fine for two infractions. of the rules


The NFL fined Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis(notes) $25,000 on Friday for two separate plays, including a helmet-to-helmet hit on Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco(notes).


The Ravens said Lewis will appeal the fine.


Both plays occurred in the fourth quarter of Baltimore’s 17-14 loss on Sunday. The league deemed that Lewis “unnecessarily kicked the opponent” and later “unnecessarily struck a defenseless receiver.”


Truthfully I don't have a clue as to the kicking incident. I didn't see it.

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I don't think anyone saw the kicking incident. It wasn't even mentioned on tv. I wonder if a player/coach on the Bengals asked for it to be reviewed.

Possibly, but the only mention of anything about Ray Lewis in the Cincinnati media has been about the shot that was delivered to Ocho.

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Here's what Harbaugh has to say on the kicking thing...

“I saw the play,” Harbaugh said. “It kind was an inadvertent trip that happened. They saw it the way they saw it.”


On Ray's play and hit...

Ravens coach John Harbaugh defended Lewis’ reputation, emphasizing that Lewis respects the NFL rulebook.


“I’m disappointed because you hate to see that,” Harbaugh said. “Ray Lewis is hardnosed. He’s a tough player, he’s a physical guy. Ray Lewis is also the greatest sportsman maybe that I’ve met. He plays good, clean football. I guarantee you that the shot on Ochocinco was inside the strike zone.


“According to Ray, he was shooting for inside the strike zone. It sure looked right there. I want to stand behind Ray in that sense. We can’t speak for the league and what they look at and what they do or don’t do. We respect it. Ray Lewis is a good, clean football player who respects the rules and always will.”



If I had to change anything, I would do it the same way I’ve done it," Lewis said. "I will never slow down my speed, the way I play this game. I’ve never played this game to hurt anybody.


"The bottom line is, when I turn to go, I’m like a missile. When I’m locked in, I’m locked in. Whatever’s there is there. Worrying about fines and all that, I’ll let that take care of itself. The NFL does a great job with that.”


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