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ExtremeRavens: The Sanctuary

This is a really interesting look at the video from the lockerroom


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I don't want this.


Think about it. If you're on camera, then are you going to say the same things as you would in private?


Players need some privacy to collect their thoughts and adjust before going out for the second half.

If I'm the safety and you're the CB and one of us missed our assignment and was out of position, then how do we discuss it while on camera?

Now they have to hide injuries and bruises instead of getting what immediate treatment that may help while sitting at their locker.

They other team will spy..."Flacco's got a contusion down his whole left side."

The players who are young and dumb with over blown egos can use this as a self promoting stage.


Finally....fans will miss it anyway because many are in the bathrooms. At M&T even the radio doesn't work in most men's rooms.

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What players want has nothing to do with it.


But that is part of my point.

They can not communicate and be themselves at halftime with cameras and microphones all over the place. They can't object.

I want the Ravens coaches and players to have the time and privacy that they need to regroup and come out for the second half "like their hairs on fire".

The NFL is doing this to keep fans in the stands.

This paying PSL fan does not want this perk.



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