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Md @ Fl St


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Hell Yea!


I'm loving this Maryland team. The defense is solid. ST are good...the kicker is outstanding. They are well prepared and the offense has decent weapons to put up points.

I'm starting to think Edsal might not be so bad.

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Im not going to say clobber them, but it SHOULD be competitive..


Dang I wish it would get daylight earlier down here, caus I have so much to do before 12:00, cant cut the grass before 10:30 as it is so much dew in the am, have t\o play pool bitch for a half hour, laundry, off to Wal Mart for supplies for our little get away tomorrow

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42-0 FL St. Terps can't stay within 5 yards of these receivers.


Ok i've been watching for 5 minutes. Down 35-0, I see the Terps have Winston wrapped up in the backfield only for him to escape and throw a TD. Yikes!


Then the ensuing drive by Terps offense goes like this:


1st down - Rowe sacked for 9 yard loss

2nd and 19 - 3 yard run

3rd and 16 - false start 5 yard penalty

3rd and 21 - Tight end catches a 19 yard pass, runs for a first down then fumbles back to FSU.


Wow! :nono:

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Wait until the Big 10 gets them. Also the NCAA is lessening the PSU restrictions. I thought UMD would have 2 yrs to build a rep and get some of those players.


We are not ready for prime time, this will be worse then when the Univ of Buffalo joined the Division 1 ranks, we will get blasted in the Big 10

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