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Ray Rice receives death wishes


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Folks take fantasy football way, way to serious


Just about every fantasy owner has dealt with injuries or unexpected low performance from high draft picks. But not all fantasy owners send death wishes to players that struggle.

That is just plain wrong.

Running back Ray Riceicon-article-link.gif revealed that’s the type of comments he was getting from football fantasy owners after a slow start to the season and a hip injury that knocked him out of a Week 3 matchup and prevented him from playing the following week.

He says he’s lost respect for fantasy football.

“I was a huge fan of it,” Rice said on EPSN radio earlier this week. “This is one of the first times in many years that I’ve had to deal with a legit injury. … You realize that it is something that people get enthused about, aroused about, but you just don’t say the kind of things that, you know, wish death upon people, go kill yourself. That kind of stuff just kind of caught me by surprise.”


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There is absolutely nothing wrong with fantasy football. Can't say the same for the assclowns that sent Rice death threats though. Players get death threats for costing their teams games. Are sports in general stupid? This is a case of morons being able to have no accountability due to social media.

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