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And next time you better bring a note from your parents!


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You think AD still likes it in NE?


FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Four New England Patriots players, including receiver Randy Moss, were sent home from Gillette Stadium for being late for an 8 a.m. meeting Wednesday, according to a league source.


Defining time


Reiss How Bill Belichick enforces discipline and keeps the Patriots focused will be key in determining whether they will be a contender or fade into mediocrity. Mike Reiss


In addition to Moss, the other players were defensive end Derrick Burgess and linebackers Adalius Thomas and Gary Guyton, according to the source. The players were apparently delayed by weather conditions. All four were absent from Wednesday afternoon's practice.


The story was first reported by the Providence Journal.


Patriots coach Bill Belichick did not confirm the report.


"Anything that happens with discipline on the team will stay between me and the players," Belichick said Wednesday morning.


Link to the rest of the story

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To answer own question...he hates it! This is good stuff:


"Motivation is for Kindergarteners. I'm not a Kindergartner," Thomas said. "Sending somebody home, that's like 'He's expelled, come back and make good grades.' Get that [expletive] out of here. That's ridiculous. Motivation?"


My link

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"You're told to call and you call, you get sent home," Thomas said.


"That's not an excuse," he said, but "I could have been in the ditch. They really don't give a damn, honestly. As long as you ain't in the meeting they really don't give a (expletive)."


"He's the head coach. He makes all the calls and so whether you agree with it or not, you just roll with them," Thomas said. "That's one thing about Mother Nature. You can't control that. You can't run people over getting to work, so there ain't nothing to really apologize (for). I didn't try to be late. (There are) cars sitting in the road, you're sitting there. It's not the Jetsons. I can't jump up and just fly. What am I supposed to do?"


Different link

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It seems the Patriots can't buy a break...


Pats mascot arrested for trying to pay for sex with prostitute


Rhode Island State Police said they've arrested 14 people for prostitution-related crimes since a new law went into effect that banned indoor prostitution, including a man who plays the New England Patriots' mascot....



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