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Not even Costner can make them interesting


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Come on!!!


He looked damn good in that scarf on espn!!!!


Maybe the browns can incorporate that into their unis


I see


a Snoopy Red Barron likey thingamajig

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OK i watched it. It suckssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It is so Hollywoodized it is sick. Basically the only thing that is good about it is Jenifer Garner. She was really good and I really liked her character. She basically plays Pat Moriarity. She is the cap person for the Browns. Denis Leary tries to make her look stupid and not grasp the game and she makes him look stupid. Another good thing is that Leary plays Barry Switzer and they make fun of him for being a bad caretaker.

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OK Well he gets a call from the owner in the morning from the #1 pick holder Seahawks. They are looking to fleece him because they think he is weak. They want 2 #1s and a #2 and a balks. Later he talks to the owner and he is told to make a splash or get fired. So he calls back to Sea and now they want 3 #1s. He concedes. At this point he now talks to his scouting dept about doing due diligence in the consensus #1 QB. The whole day he is getting into it with his coach. Later in the day the Bills offer 2 players and 2 #1s for the first pick but they didn't try to get the pick from Sea. All during the day you are looking at the QB a great RB and a great LB. The RB is rated about the 7th pick. The LB would go 7 or fall all the way to the mid teens.

So finally he makes a pick of the lb at #1 shocking everyone. Costner thinks the QB will bust and is a bad guy. The QB starts falling now. It looks like he may fall to the 7th pick which the Browns had at the start of the day so Sea can get the guy they want way back and the Browns look foolish. Costner comes up with an idea to trade 2 #2s to the 6th pick team Jax. They demand 3 #2s finally and the deal is done. With that Costner calls Sea now and says he has the #6 pick and says do you really want the QB? If so he wants all his 1st round picks back. Sea finally concedes but then Costner demands their KR in addition. Finally with the 7th he drafts the RB they need.

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