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Sour grapes in Indy


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First things first:


Around here, they're not the Baltimore Ravens, not anymore. They are "The Professional Football Franchise From Baltimore.'' Or "TPFFFB."


I mention this because, in a shocking lack of professional courtesy and maturity, the Ravens' stadium operations folks refuse to introduce the Indianapolis Colts on game day at M&T Stadium as "the Indianapolis Colts," and on the scoreboard, use "Indy" rather than "Colts."


Apparently, there is no statute of limitations when it comes to pandering to your fan base.


And let's not hear how Baltimore was so noble by leaving the Browns' name and history behind when the franchise fled Cleveland. That was done because in a 1996 agreement, the NFL made Baltimore do it -- not out of the goodness of team owner Art Modell's frozen, little heart.





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Cuase Bruce Cunningham wont put Colts on the board..Bob Kravitz is sour grapes, thats the fool that started the petitions to have Bobby Knight ousted.



I dont know anything about him other than this article, which I dont think the term sour grapes fits.

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