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Steve Smith has been “everything advertised” for Ravens


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When the Ravens decided to bring wide receiverSteve Smith on board following his release in Carolina, they were expecting to get an experienced, intense player who would be a leader on their offense in the 2014 season.

The early reviews from Ravens camp are that the team got exactly what they wanted. Defensive coordinator Dean Pees says that Smith has been “everything advertised” and that he’s cautioned defensive players not to make Smith mad because he’s more effective when his dander is up. Offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak also praised Smith’s competitiveness and the way he pushes teammates during practice.

“Boy, I watched him today, and I’ll tell you it was his best day with me out here,” Kubiak said, via the Baltimore Sun. “It’s just because each day he’s getting more comfortable with what we’re doing. He’s just so competitive. He brings an edge to practice all the time. He challenges people as far as how you play, how you go about doing things.”

The condition of Smith’s knees is reason for some concern about how effective he will be on the field this season, but that appears to be the only concern in place regarding whether or not the Ravens acquired the Smith of old.


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“Steve Smith, I could use some adjectives,” Pees said. “He’s a pain in a good way. The guy is a heck of a player. He’s everything advertised."

"The first thing I told the defensive backs in the room was, ‘Look, don’t get him mad. He plays a lot harder when he’s mad. Just leave him alone. Let a sleeping dog lay,'" Pees said.


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Even if Smith had come in and had clearly lost a step it would still be a good signing as the attitude he brings can only help the rest of our WRs. It's something we lost when Boldin was traded and was an unappreciated part of his game. Steve brings that swagger back to the O that the younger guys can feed off.


With that said, it doesn't sound like Steve has lost a step so.... :gorave:

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