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10 reasons why Ravens will make the playoffs


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1. Coach Kubiak and Joe Flacco


Gary Kubiak transformed the Texans into a playoff team on the verge of making a Super Bowl run before their colossal meltdown. He generated more production out of Matt Schaub, a pocket passer with an average arm than I ever thought possible. I watched Matt’s entire college career at UVA and never thought he was capable of leading a team to a Super Bowl. Kubiak designed routes that maximized Schaub’s passing abilities. He will do the same for our quarterback. Kubiak will take Joe Flacco to new heights this season.


2. 8-8 is not acceptable


Steve Bisciotti has zero tolerance for mediocrity. He’s been incredibly successful in all that he does. He gave the team a pass last year but the stakes are high now. Mediocrity is not acceptable. His management team has responded to the Jupiter Summit by making his team better. The last time the Ravens finished 8-8, they won the Super Bowl the next year.





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I agree with the ten parameters or measures used by the writer; just not his assessment of each. For example, item 2 - the unacceptability of 8-8 and mediocrity. Its one thing to say the owner wont tolerate and team isn't accustomed to a non-winning season; its another thing for the team to actually show it on the field.


At the risk of making a self serving remark, I said a year ago that after the Boldin debacle, Pitta loss, and the O's debacle with opening game, that the bad karma would lead to a unsuccessful year and Harbaugh would get a mulligan (after winning the SB). Hardly a soul commented on the observation and the team grinded last year with a .500 season.


I believe that Harbaugh (and Oz) got a mulligan, but don't believe the team and organization have done enough to suddenly dismiss last year and assume success will instantly return in 2014. These incidents, from Rice to Smith, are a legit concern and will influence team chemistry and character in 2014.


As far the other measures, I like but don't share the writers' optimism or purple tinted glasses.


I see a season similar to last year and hinging significantly on our OL, running game and the Kubiak/Flacco dynamic.

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It all comes down to the O line.

If they suck like last year, then yea...8-8 or 9-7.

If they are good or a little better, than playoffs will happen.


the game is won in the trenches.


As for Rice...there will be no chemistry concerns due to the off the field stuff....but if he's lost it, the Ravens have other options.

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