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Angels Series

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Average the lead in the win column and the lead in the loss column. One game in wins plus for games in losses equals give - divide two equals 2.5.


Idea is that is we lose our next three and jays win those three, they'd be up half a game. They'd be two ahead in wins and only one behind in losses.

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They are playing well. Nice game from Gausman and Jones. 7 of the last 9!


Really nice game from gausman tp get out of that 5th inning, then came back and had a 1,2,3 6th showed balls on his part..Throwing a n0-no for 5 2/3 then totally losing the strike zone for what seemed like an hour,

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For those not looking super close.... The O's now have the third best record in all of baseball, behind only the A's and Angels (of course, we've just taken 4 of 5 from the Halos in the last week... so that's nice to think about too). They've done this with the 5th toughest schedule in the league - really only matched by the Rangers and Astros, who of course play these west coast teams all the time.


Big midseason push here. Manny's bat is clicking and helping this team like in '12. Just hope the arms can keep it up with some solid performances - would love to see us add one. And really hoping Bundy finds his way.

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